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    General Training
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Test 1:
    * Do you like international food?
    * Did you enjoy eating international food as a kid?
    * When was the last time you ate an international food?
    * Do you think people will eat more international food in the future in your country?
    * Do you enjoy your work?
    * Can you remember the first day at work?
    * Are you happy about your work?
    Test 2:
    * Talk about an item that you use to own but now want to replace. What is the item? When did you get it? How did it get damaged/lost? Would it be easy or hard to replace it?
    * Do you like keeping to time?
    * How do you feel if someone keep you waiting?
    * Do you wear a watch growing up?
    * Do people keep to time in your country?
    Test 3:
    * What do you think about consumerism and how it affects the environment?
    * Do people recycle items in your country and is it good or bad?
    * Apart from plastic bags what other items could be recycled?
    * What do people consumer now that they don’t consume before?
    * What do people consume before that they don’t consume now?
    * What do people consume now that they do consume before?
    * How do we ensure that we don’t have a wasteful consumer population?

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