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    General Test, Lagos Nigeria.
    Speaking- 25th July 2018
    Cue Card question: Talk about a story you were recently told
    i. Who told you the story?
    ii. What is the story about?
    iii. What did you learn from the story?
    I can’t recall the 4th question. I am sorry.
    I can’t thank you enough, ma’am. My cue card question came from your compilation of May- August 2018. So, I gave my best.
    i. What is the relationship between story telling and technology?
    ii. Impact of technology on storytelling
    iii. Is it better to tell stories to children or have them watch TV
    iv. Difference between stageplays and cinemas
    v. How has storytelling affected the society

    WRITING- 28th July 2018.
    Task 1: Write a letter to the planning manager in your local council about a historic building in your area that is about to be pulled down, due to lack of money to repair it.
    You should,
    i. State why the building is important.
    ii. State what the building can be used for in the future.
    iii. Suggest ways of paying for the repair.
    Task 2: Modern technology encourages more social behaviour in people. Others feel it makes people less sociable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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