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    Hi, I’m Chika and I had my IELTS (Academic) test today (13/01/18) in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Here are some of the questions I remember:
    Speaking test
    Part 1
    Introduction to examiner
    Do you work or school?
    What do you do?
    What time of day do you work best?
    Do you have friends at work? Why?
    Do you like reading newspapers?
    Do you prefer online newspapers? Why?
    Who else reads newspapers in your home and why?
    Part 2
    Cue card: A public place you visited recently.
    You should say
    . The name and location
    . Why you visited it
    . With whom you visited
    . If it needs improvements
    Follow-up question: would you like to go back there?
    Part 3
    Where do people in your country like to spend their time?
    Do old and young people visit the same places?
    Do you think City people get lonely? Give reason(s) for answer.
    Do you think City people are individualistic? Give reason(s) for your answer
    Do you think megacities will be good places to live in in the nearest future?
    Listening test
    1. Conversation about a tour (history/booking)
    2. A salesman giving information about villas for sale.
    3. A conversation between 2 students about underwater vehicles and oil seeping.
    4. A speaker talking about astronauts’ feedback regarding the space station.
    Writing test
    Task 1: A bar chart showing the number of hours worked per week by Australian men and women.
    Task 2: Companies use several methods to increase sales of products. What are some of these methods? Which is the most effective?
    Reading test
    1. Passage about gold mining and different gold nuggets.
    2. A review of a book on urban life.
    3. A passage about biomimetics – replicating living things using engineering.
    I think that’s all of it.

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