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    IELTS Academic, Kyiv, Ukraine.
    WT 1:
    A bar chart showing the number of hours worked by men and women (in percentages), in Australia in 2007
    WT 2:
    Companies use a variety of methods to increase the sale of their products. What are these methods? Which is the most effective.
    Can’t remember exactly but the topics were about Tourism, A Silverman Resort, and International space living, if I’m not mistaken
    Also hazy, but it’s along lines of biomimetics, a review on a book by one Mr Searle, and the largest gold mines that have been discovered in history.
    I was very familiar with the reading and listening sections, (I hardly practiced them, I didn’t not even do any sample listening test, because i had taken the exam before and was pretty much confident) so a bulk of my studying was on developing ideas for all the recent topics.
    Although I did not prepare by writing several essays, (I think I wrote just one) my weak point was in developing ideas, so I focused on that (I read a gazillion sample essays from a plethora of sites, jotted down some vocabs, ideas or points I could develop into a fully fledged essay and some unfamiliar words) and it proved beneficial. In my first attempt, I scored 6.5 in writing, I was not even expecting a band score that high, maybe along the line of a 5-5.5, yes, because in hindsight, it was terrible. After I realized all the mistakes i made and chiefly due to the lack of adequate preparation, I made corrections where necessary and it paid off.
    Again, not practicing the writing may not be advisable for all, but just know your weak points, focus on and work hard to strengthen them.
    Once more, many thanks for your sample model essays, tips and tricks on how to score a higher band score in each sections. God bless you richly.
    Fingers crossed for my results..

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