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    Hi All,
    I had ielts exam on 1st August.
    Writing Task 1:- A table show the number of students who choose five different subjects to study at one college of the UK in three different years (2005,2010 and 2015).

    Writing Task 2 :- Experts say if older people spend their time with others and exercise daily will be healthier and happier. However many elderly are suffering from lack of fitness. Discuss Cause and Solution.

    Listening was Easy
    Question type–
    Section 1- One word fill in the blanks.
    Section 2- Map and MCQ ( choose two option out of five).
    Section 3- MCQ and matching Sentence.
    Section 4- One word fill in the blanks.
    Reading was moderate (True/ False/Not Given, Heading, MCQ and matching sentence).
    Thank you :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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