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    Hi All,
    Thank you for the support. Below are the questions I got during my IELTS Speaking. I felt it was like a rapid fire questions and I was stopped talking on almost every questions. Hoping to hit my min target of 7+
    Type : General Training
    Date : 4th July 2017
    Location : Kuala Lumpur
    Part 1
    1) Where is your hometown
    2) What’s special about it.
    3) What are the attractions at your hometown.
    4) Has your hometown changed much since you were a child ?
    5) Are you planning to live there in future?
    6) Do you often look in the mirror?
    7) Do you look at mirrors when you try cloths ?
    8) Have you bought a mirror recently ?
    9) Is it a good idea to use mirrors in the interior design?
    Part 2
    What is the special occasion that you have waited patiently in the past ? 3
    – What was the occasion
    – How long you waited
    – How you felt when you were waiting
    Part 3
    1) How often you see people waiting for something ?
    2) Where do you see people waiting.
    3) Do you prefer to have a best friend or group of friends and why?
    4) How often you spend time with your friends and why ?
    5) Do we need leader in society for ratification ? —- This surprised me a bit and took a moment to respond.

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