IELTS Exam – KSA – June 3 2017

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    I had my GT test Dated 3rd June 2017 in KSAWriting Task-1:
    On a business trip to another company last week, you saw someone was using a device, write a letter to him
    1- Give details of the device.
    2- Tell him how would it be helpful to your work
    3- Ask him some questions
    Writing Task-2:
    Some people think that the money they are earning is to enjoy now while others think that earning should be for future. (Meant something like this. Forgot the exact words)
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    General introduction as is the normal practice
    1- From whom you have learnt politeness when you were a child?
    2- How important is politeness to you?
    3- How politeness has changed over time?
    (It was difficult to discuss such an abstract topic, however I managed somehow 🙂 )
    Part-3: (speaking for 1-2 mins)
    It was about hearing a good news about a known person to you:
    1- Explain any good news that you have received.
    2- Who was the person?
    3- How did you receive the news?
    4- Who delivered the news?
    Further questions related to the news were
    1- People tend not to share good news with other people. Why?
    2- How social media has changed sharing the news with other people?
    3- Any good news from international media?
    4- How important is it to know the world news? why?
    5- Should the countries share good news with other countries? why?

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