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    Module academic
    6 July, 2018
    Part 1
    *. What’s your full name?
    *Do you work or study?
    *Do you think it’s good to have friends at work?
    *Do TV channels in your country air a lot of advertisements? Why?
    * Do you follow those advertisements?
    * if your favourite celebrity appears in an advertisement,do you get influenced by that ad?
    *What do you think of celebrities appearing in the advertisement?
    * do you like traveling?
    *Will you travel in the near future?
    *Do you travel via plane/air very often? Why not/why?
    *Do you want to go into space one day?
    Part 2
    Describe a sportsman you admire
    Part 3
    *Do you think athletes from your country can be an international role model?
    * In what ways government can promote the athletes of your country?
    *If government does so how can the general people can get benefited from that?
    Best Wishes!

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