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    My speaking test was non stop 😂 Speaking test questions:
    1. recent hairstyle
    2. would u like to change ur haircolor?
    3. when were u tired and cudnt sleep?
    4. what do ppl do to not fall asleep?
    5. talk about work life balance.
    6. ppl r more interested in work than home? your reasons?
    7. wat do u not like about the place that u stay in?
    8. explain last time u wanted to sleep and were extremely exhausted?
    9. how did u manage to stay awake? it went on and on, some questions have skipped my memory.

    Writing topic: educationalists think that international exchange visits are important for teenage school students. ( my overall exam went great but here i made a huge blunder, i wrote my essay on stock exchange visits! I think i will get a band 3 in writing. However my task 1 was top notch. Fingers crossed!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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