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    Hi everyone,
    Hope you all are well in this uncertain time. I took the test on 30/03/20 (i was so unsure mentally and physically because of the virus :)) so I’d like to share my topics on the computer delivered type.

    Listening: it was quite easy but the audio was really fast and quite straightforward.

    Reading: Passage 1: T/F/NG, MQs Passage 2: match heading/ MQs Passage 3: The rythm of life: summarise text, answer questions

    Task 1: the chart shows average hours done by a teacher in different types of school( primary, lower secondary, upper secondary) in Japan, Iceland, Spain and USA in 2001
    Task 2: some people say its a waste of time when plan for future. Its more important to focus on present. do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking: Where do you live? Do you live in a small or big city? Countryside and city, which one would you prefer? Popular product(s) in your hometown? what are they/ when do you know that/ when people use that? Why is it important in your hometown? What do you think about people decide to buy the same products in different times?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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