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    Kazakhstan, Astana 27.07.2018
    Do you work or study?
    What is the most productive time to work?
    Do you have a lot of friends from work?
    Do you use dictionaries?
    Do you prefer paper-based or digital dictionaries?
    Do you like listening to music when studying or working?
    Do you prefer downloading music from the internet or buying CDs?
    Do you think your music preferences will change in the future?
    A skill that you have learned outside of school.
    What is the best way for children to learn new information?
    Do games help children learn new stuff?
    How learning process has changed from the past?
    Did the appearance of new technologies had any negative effect on how we memorise information?
    letter to a city council regarding to demolition of a building that is important to your community.
    Some ppl think that the development of new technologies has improved our social behaviour, other think that it made it only worse. Discuss both points an give your opinion.

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