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    I have taken my Ielts speaking test on September 13th, 2018 in Karachi, Pakistan ,
    Questions that were asked as follows:
    What is you full name?
    What should i call you?
    What are you doing job or studies?
    Where did you studied? Why?
    Is it good place for studies? Why?
    Will you recommend others to study there? Why?
    Why did you choose to study there?
    Do you think people should drink good amount of water? Why?
    Have you been thirsty and there was nothing available to drink?
    Cue Card/Part 2
    You should talk about a teenager you know. You should say.
    Who is she/he?
    What is she/he like?
    Why do you like her/him?
    Does any one else like her/him in your family?
    Describe why you are talking about her/him.
    Part 3
    What is the difference between Children and teenagers?
    At what age should teenagers be considered as adults?
    Why teenagers have different behaviour then childrens?
    Does in our society teenagers respects elder? If not why not?
    Does People like parents respect elders in our society? If not why not?

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