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    28th July 2018
    LWR, Academic
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Listening and Reading- I felt more time constrained than when I practiced at home. Hoping to get at least above 35 because I never got less than that during my practice tests.

    Writing Task 1- It was the map of a city before and after renovation. I ended up using 25min which was a bit disappointing but I feel I ticked off all the boxes in terms of TA, LR, CC and GR. Hoping to get at least a 7/7.5

    Writing Task 2- Some people argue that formal education should be started for children as early as possible while other think that it should not be started until 7years of age. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

    I got a bit anxious in this task because I had already used up 5min to complete Task 1. Hence, I didn’t plan which was a huge mistake. Also, I wasn’t able to re-check this section but my word count was pretty good. My points were:
    For early formal education: competitive students, waste of time and money if we don’t start early.
    For late education: Creativity and expression, confidence

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