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    Hello, I have just done with IELTS General Speaking test today in Karachi, Pakistan.
    The task 1 included following questions:
    1- Where do you belong?
    2- Do you like travelling?
    3- Tell me about your most recent trip?
    4- Do you live in a house or flat?
    5- Why do you live there?
    6- How is the place where you live?
    7- Where do you wish to shift in future?
    8- Are you planning any trip in next vocations?
    9- Do you like planned vocations or the random ones?
    10- Do your family give you money for house keeping?
    Task 2:
    What do you do to keep your concentration while study or work?
    1- You should say what the thing is?
    2- How much you do/take it?
    3- Is this the thing you always do?
    Task 3:
    1- Why do you like this?(Related to 2nd part)
    2- Do concentration helps the children?
    and there were several questions I just forgot. The thing which I am bothered about is during my 2nd task I couldn’t manage to talk for more than 85-90 seconds, even the examiner ask me by her body language to keep going but I was blank just for few moments, before this my test was going exceptionally well also in the end I ended ona high note, will it affect my score too much?

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