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    Speaking Test
    Test Center: Karachi, Pakistan
    Test : General Training
    Test Date: 3rd April 2018
    Part 1
    1. What is your full name
    2. Hometown: Tell me something about your home town?
    3.How long have you been living here?
    4. What are the positive thing about living here?
    5. Names: What is the meaning of your name, why do you think you got this name?
    6. What kind of names are famous in your culture? Why?
    7. Is there any kind of celebration while giving names to children?
    8. Computers: Do you usually use computers in your work or studies? Why/Why not?
    9. When did you use the computer for the 1st time?
    9. Do you think computer usage by general people has changed in past years? How?
    Part 2
    Tell about something when you received a positive feedback
    For what you got the positive feedback
    Why did you receive the feedback
    Who gave you the feedback
    How did you feel about it
    Part 3
    1. Effects of positive feedback
    2. Effects of negative feed back
    3. If Negative feedback is bad, then how to tell someone about their lacking?
    4. Do you think people require public recognition, if they do something good?
    5. Why do you think they require public recognition?
    p.s. I think due to a large number of candidates they were rushing too fast in speaking test.
    General Test
    Test Date: 7th April 2018
    1 Job availability information
    2. Newton Music festival
    3.Psychology-Marketing project
    4. Butterfly Hibernation and migration
    1(a) Mobile Garbage Bins MGBs
    1(b) Employee Leaves entitlement
    2. Pregnant Working Women Right
    3. Nuthatch Birds
    Task 1
    Write a letter to inform your landlord about water problem which you are facing in the rented house
    – What is the problem
    – How is it effecting your life
    – What would you like the landlord to do
    Task 2
    In many societies, more and more people are choosing to live on their own.
    What are the reasons behind this.?
    Is it a positive or negative trend?

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