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    Hi ,my name is roqaya from Jordan
    I’ve took the IELTS exam in the 20th of january 2018
    the speaking was
    part 1
    where you live
    about friends
    describe someone who is a good parent
    parenting skills
    who is more responsible of bringing up children, fathers or mothers?
    part 1
    I forgot the main topic but I remmber some words like mountain , central, tent, small, april, truck, youth
    part 2
    muliple choice about museum
    part 3
    parts of appliance
    part 4
    heath of night shift worker
    some blanks ware: huge increase, heart and stomach, peer
    part 1 : you are going to another country for a holiday. write a letter to your friend who lives there and tell hem
    which places you want to visit?
    ask him some questions about accommodation ?
    suggest things to do together ?
    part 2
    some people become famous when they are young. is this a good thing or a bad thing ?
    note: words are not exactly the same of the IELTS exam
    good luck everybody

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