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    Academic module 10/2/2018
    Writing task 1 was about a table that compares the number of litres of milk produced by five different countries.
    Task 2 subject was “people living in the 21st century are enjoying better quality of life compared to people who lived in the previous centuries.
    Do you agree or disagree?”
    Part 1 speaking was about writing and newspapers.
    Part 2 was about my idea about an ideal vacation:
    Where to go?
    With whom?
    What do you want to do there?
    Why you think it would be ideal to go that place?
    Speaking part three was follow up questions about vacations:
    Can people find cheap vacations?
    Why should people go on vacations?
    Why is it important for companies to arrange special vacation packages for their employees?
    Why are some people reluctant to go on vacations?

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