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    I took exam LRW exam on 24/06/2017 in Johannesburg, south africa.
    I would like to thank you countless times for your excellent work and helping n number of people allover the world. It’s very useful site to expedite the knowledge on IELTS.
    General Training
    writing task-1:you read a advertisement and purchased a product, write to manager regarding the product, what did you purchase, what happen to the product and your suggestions to the manager.
    writing task-1: travelling alone to the countries is beneficial or need to take some familiar person with them. Discuss in both views and give your opinion.
    About email, smile, laughing, happy and house.
    Smile, laugh and happy all are somewhat similar, so it made somewhat confuse to answer.
    I hope reading , listening and writing did well. but i am worried about speaking. how band score is calculated? do they consider all tests ? how the average is done? please reply me.

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