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    General Training 2 Aug

    Listening: Manager introducing new staff to a hotel. The one question we got that I found difficult was they gave us a floor plan of the hotel and we had to match the rooms to the plan based on descriptions.
    Endangered animals in Australia

    Advertisements for flats
    History of the pen

    T1: Your child is going on a 3 day field trip to another country. The head teacher is looking for parents to accompany the trip. Write a letter volunteering to assist.
    – Why you want to go
    – What you can do to assist
    – Ask for further information

    T2: Some people think that advances in technology are beneficial for worker. Other say it is a disadvantage. Discuss and give you own opinion.

    Listening and reading went well. Not so sure about the writing, I ran out of time and rushed the conclusion and did not get time to review my work.
    The exam went smoothly but we had to be at the venue by 7:30, I got there by 7:15. The staff running the test only got there at 7:30. We then stood until 9:15 and started at 9:45.

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