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    hi,my speaking was on 1 dec 2017,jeddah,KSA
    Part 1…..about name,home,my country`s historical personality
    did i watch a historical movie..wats it depicted,my profession,why,wat can i do with it
    about fav jewellery,wic item i like most n why,hav i gifted jewellery item to anyone earlier,
    why do old people keep jewellery for a long time,
    Part 2 cue card……a free item (a ticket or an item or service)i recvd from someone,who gave,why thy gave,describe it,n wat did i do with it?
    Part 3….should govt make higher education free fr all its citizen n why
    how can govt improv transportation (sometg related to that)
    what cannot be paid for n why
    (maybe another few..cant remmbr exactly)
    writing test on 2 dec…..general module so
    letter..write to ur boss abt a computer problem ur facing at office n how to solve it
    essay….some people think that it is the parent`s role in upbringing the child which leads to success of an individual in adult life(words arent exact though).do u agree or disagree

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