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    Test type: general training
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Speaking test(1/12/17)
    Part 1
    Study or work?
    What work do u do?
    Do you like it? Why?
    Do you plan to continue this?
    Do you celebrate birthdays?
    What do u like about birthdays?
    Did you enjoy celebrating birthdays as a child?
    Which birthdays are important in your country?
    Do you like fruits? Why?
    What’s your favourite?
    What was your favourite fruit in childhood?
    Do you cook fruit? How?
    Do you think its important to eat fruits? Why?
    Describe a town/city that you visited
    When? Where? How?
    What did you like most about it?(something like that..don’t remember exactly)
    Follow up question:Do you like living in cities?
    Why do people prefer to live in the cities?
    Should the government develop cities? How?
    Should there be green places in cities? Why?
    Should there be more focus on environmental pollution in cities?
    Does location play any role in the development of a city? How?
    Writing test (2/12/17)
    Task 1
    You work for a company. Your computer is giving some problem and its affecting your work.Write a letter to the manager.
    Tell him
    What the problem is
    How it is affecting your work
    What you want him to do regarding it
    (Not the same words but similar meanings)
    Task 2
    Some people say that success in adult life is the result of the upbringing of parents. Do you agree or disagree?

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