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    Speaking test GM
    Jeddah 5/1/18
    Part 1
    Work or study?
    How you get along with your colleagues
    How often do you use them? How do you use them?
    Which one do you prefer? Online or paper?
    How would u feel if someone gave you a dictionary?
    Do you want to be a part of the team who writes the dictionary?
    Which mobile apps do you use?
    Which ones do you want to use?
    Which ones are popular in your country?
    Do you want to make an app?
    Part 2
    Describe a situation where you helped an old person
    When/where/how/how you felt?
    Further questions on family relations of parents and children and the elder generation
    How the older generation can help, their benefits?current situation of families? Is childcare important? Who does it ? How do parents manage worklife and raising children? And all such sort of questions
    I didnt answer how I felt if I was given a dictionary, I replied that if it was different then I would keep it or if I already have it I eould give it to someone else, so the examinar repeated the question and I said I would be happy and feel appreciated that someone wants me to improve my English. Anyway the examinar was very encouraging and smiling so I wasnt too nervous. Tommorow is the rest of the test(LRW)
    All the best everyone!!

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