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    Venue: Jeddah
    Date: April 20, 2018
    Speaking Test
    Part 1:
    Do you work or Study?
    Where do you work?
    Does your work require some level of training?
    What are your views about the rainy weather?
    Do you think the rain affects the behavior of people?
    Part 2: Explain an occasion when you helped someone.
    Who was the person?
    Why did you help him?
    How did you feel after that?
    Part 3: How can we encourage our children to help others?
    How do you see countries helping other countries? Does it have an impact on their relationship?
    Do you have an idea what is the source of funding of large-scale charitable organizations like US AID?
    Do you think the larger organizations work better than smaller NGOS?
    I might have missed some questions but I have covered almost 90% of them. The test went well and the topics shared on this blog helped me a lot.

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