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    IDP, IELTS, 16/09/2018, 9AM IST, Jalandhar, Punjab
    Speaking Test
    Part 1,
    A) Profession related questions
    Job location, tasks, why you love working there?
    B) Sunglasses :- this question was turned into a debate
    Do you wear sunglasses?
    why you wear sunglasses?
    then the examiner asked me why do you think so?
    also she tried to test me further by talking about youngsters wearing sunglasses and weather I have gifted any one and with reasons.
    C) Spending habits
    How do you normally do your shopping?
    Why do you like to save money?
    Can you throw some light on what youngsters these days like to buy in India?
    Part 2 and 3
    Talk about, someone that helped you by providing something that you required the most.
    You can say,
    What it was?
    Who gave it you?
    Why it was important for you?
    How did you feel after getting it?
    Follow up questions
    1) did you tell someone about the laptop you received?
    2) what is the importance of ownership for a person?
    3) how does ownership effect our society?
    4) why do people accumulate material obejects?
    5) do you think it is a good thing?
    End of the test, examiner had a smile on the face, I almost felt like my mom is trying to ask me tough questions. Overall was a tough one to tackle, but thankfully I had so much of confidence and control on my words. Examiner was a nice lady, she even encouraged some of the answers with smile.
    Thank you

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