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    here comes my contribution……..
    i have been waiting this for sooo long
    i had my ielts L.R.W exam 13/10/2018 (british council) at jalandhar..
    1. section one was about second hand card ( one word fill in the blanks)
    2. multiple choice question about m.u.f.s ( realted to agriculture
    3. muliple choice question ( this part was tricky) discussion about students about particular topic
    4. one word about gallistation!
    sec1 = ahead of its time
    sec2 = importance of being playful
    sec3 = this section was the toughes as compare to other two it consist mcq’s yes no not given and blanks
    task 1.= the layout explain information about two small parks from 1980 and at present
    task 2.= some people say that all students should study history as a major subject and other feels that other subjects are important for children in today’s society….
    discuss both views and give your opinion!!
    i hope that i remember this correctly
    thank you

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