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    I’ve just taken my IELTS exam today several hours ago in Jakarta-Indonesia, General Training module.
    Listening: tough (I always have weakness in this area whenever I learned foreign languages. This is also happened when I learned Dutch). I predicted only 30-33 answers are correct while the requirement is 8.0 (35 correct answers).
    Reading test was quite easy.
    Writing Task 1: You left your bag in the airport, and write a letter to Airport Administrator & suggest what to do.
    Writing Task 2: Some people consider price as most important thing to buy product (such as cell phone) or service (e.g. medical treatment). Do you agree or disagree.
    Speaking: Part 1 – Work, names, culture in giving names to baby, what is your name meaning. Part 2 – Describe a person that you know who is smart, who he is, in which field he is smart, why he is smart, why do you think this person is interesting. Part 3 – Which is better learn alone or taught by teacher, why people learn new thing alone-does it related to one’s character/nature or their cleverness, which is better: text (physical) book or internet and why, how reliable is knowledge sources from internet. There were some other questions related to internet and education. Overall I enjoyed the speaking part, it was beyond my expectation, no accent, no intimidating examiner really. It felt like a general talk with your friend. I was able to answer all of his questions, however I had to confirm his questions twice such as: do you mean bla bla bla.

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