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    Hi everyone,
    Academic Module
    10th February, 2018
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    TASK 1
    Comparing two pie charts shows about IT supports and opening hours in university library.
    TASK 2
    Topics related to family traditions of taking meals together which are disappearing.
    Why is it?
    How can it has effects on families and social communities?
    Give your answers and examples by your own experience!
    PART 1
    Do you work or study? (I am an Engineer)
    What is your job?
    Do this job needs training?
    PART 2
    Describe an interesting person you met which came from out of your country?
    What his/her name? When and how you met?
    Describe how he/she looks?
    Why this person is interesting to you?
    Part 3
    Do you interact with teenagers in your neighborhood?
    What do you think about international company compared to national company?
    There are international and local brands, tell me your opinion.
    The examiner spoke as fast as F1 cars, It made -forced- me to follow his pace. This not good, just be calm. My session was placed nearly in the last evening.
    I always gave my answers at length -and fast-, so it took more time.
    But it could cost your grammar and pronunciation. Be carefully
    In some parts of the test, he stopped me and gave the next question.
    I add details and explore more about my first answer.
    Maybe this is the reason why my questions are so few.
    Anyway, good luck guys.
    This is my first time taking IELTS test, I hope my overall band score get more than 7.

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