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    Italy, December 15th 2018, IELTS Academic
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What’s your favorite room in the house?
    When did you move there?
    Do you plan on moving soon?
    Do you have any at home?
    Would you like to receive a plant as a gift?
    What do you know about taking care of plants?
    Did you ever grow any plants yourself?
    Talk about something a friend of yours did that you would also like to do yourself. You should mention:
    -who did it
    -when he/she did it
    -why you also want to do it.
    Arranging a vacation to Scotland on the phone.
    Describing a gym’s facilities and map.
    Two volcanologists preparing a presentation.
    The effect of climate on national economies.
    Is IQ hereditary or it depends on external factors?
    Task 1: Graph. Snow depth at a ski facility in Canada from September to April over a period of three years.
    Task 2: Criminality among children and teenagers. Why is it growing? How should these criminals be treated?

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