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    Academic IELTS
    12 May, 2018
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    01 General Information
    Importance of being on Time.
    02 Describe a Competition or Event you had participated.
    03 Discuss on competition, trends of competition. and other related questions.
    01 A conversation between a customer and shopkeeper about furniture.
    02 A talk about the strawberry farm.
    03 A Discussion between a professor and Student about a project related to Laboratory.
    04 A long presentation about the sustainability.
    01 Paragraph about the light (Candles to Edison’ invention)
    02 Paragraph about the Biotechnology usage in production process and its causes
    03 Paragraph about the leadership among men and women.
    01 A table shows the results of a survey about the sports interest among the residents of A European Country in different three years.
    02 Some people believe that older people are happy in this current modern world. While, Others argue that elders were quite favorable in the past.
    Discuss both views and give your own.

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