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    23rd july at islamabad pakistan.
    My ielts speaking questions…
    Section 1)
    home town ,,
    favorite room and y ,,
    best teacher at childhood and y,,
    something extraordinary u were taught at school ,,
    do u want to shift to another place and y ,,
    how teachers have changed nowadays from past ,,,
    have u ever thought to become a teacher ,,,
    how often do u use maps ,,,
    difference b/w paper and digital map ,,,
    have u asked from someone about a place when u were visiting it for the first time ,,
    is it good to ask ??

    Section 2)
    describe a person who u think is more talkative

    Section 3)
    difference b/w formal and informal discussions ,,
    how much it is important to learn communication skills at school ,,,
    y people need to have good communication and presentation skills ,,,
    do u want to become a good communicator and y ,,,
    y people need to act differently in different situations ,,
    is negotiation between people difficult when they dont know each other ,,,
    why is international negotiation b/w different countries difficult ??
    Some other questions were also asked but i dont remember it now ..

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