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    I had my full RLWS ielts academic exam on 20 of January 2018 in Ireland and I would like to share some information.
    L -the only thing I remember is an diagram which it was same sort of project and label that. I remember that because there were 5questions and I think at least 2 I was wrong because the accent on this part was a nightmare for me.
    R- I remember only the last two passages -one it was about three libraries in USA -New York, San Francisco and Chicago and the other one was about Grimme brothers fairly tails. Hopefully I managed to read them and answered to all questions.
    I have seen to many taste taker struggling to complete the reading.Thank you again for your tips.
    W -first task it was a table chart about men -employeed,women -unemployed, in full time and part time employment in three different years :1985,1995,2005 and number of hours spent by each category on household duties.
    To be honest I was expecting something more difficult but it was a nice surprise this chart.
    Regarding the second task. Some people say that government should be responsible with children transportation at school, and others say that parents should be responsible with transportation.Discuss thise views.
    S -part 2-clue card – describe traditional thing
    from your country -and I choose to describe some costume,food and pottery and I could talk more but the time is limited to 1-2min
    and the 3 Rd part were questions related too the second part.
    To be honest I was terrified about speaking part , I had so many worse scenarios in my mind but those 13-14 minutes flew so fast.
    Hopefully, I will get the right band considering it is my first attempt but I spent at least 3-4 hours daily and more during the week in the last 4 months training for the test.

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