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    I am maral,
    Tast date: December 13 , Academic test,
    Location: Iran, Tehran
    Writing task1: a table compare health care(in 3 categories) in 3 European counties in 3 years. (So you had 27 number in the rable) the best way to handle all data was comparing offered care in each country, although I did that based on years
    Writing task2, some believe that men should not have equal role in police force, millitery or army, others have opposite view. Disscuse both and give your opinion.
    Part1: where do you live now?
    Which part of your home do you like most? Why?
    Nowadays people do not know about their neibours. What is the reason for that?
    Who do you spend your free time with?
    What do you do with your family at your free time?
    Part2: describle a comic actor in your country
    Part3 : why teenagers follow film stars?
    Why Computer games are popular?
    Will people play more in the future?

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