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    I took my speaking IELTS exam just 1 hour ago. Saeed from Iran,
    Part 1:
    Do you live in a house or apartment
    Will you move in future?
    Did you eat foreign food when you were a child?
    Last time you experienced new food?
    In future, will people continue to eat foreign food?
    Part 2:
    Something you lost which was important to you.
    Part 3:
    Why do people lose things?
    Can we have order to help us not lose thing? (I don’t remember exactly)
    Does order kill curiosity?
    Some countries are organized. Advantages and disadvantages.
    I have a question: at the beginning of part 2, I said two or three words, then changed the structure of my sentence. Will it affect my score?
    By the way, thanks for your great support…

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