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    Reported by one of our student's from Iran
    Thank you so much Atul. I would like to thank you and IELTS Online Practice, as because of you all I was able to do my speaking exam very confidently yesterday

    Thank you soo much. Here is my speaking test from yesterday.

    Part 1:

    Where do you live?
    Would you like to shift to some other place or some faraway place?
    Has your voice changed now as compared to when you were younger ?
    In what situation does your voice changes?
    Which animal you like the most and why ?
    Part 2:
    Describe a place you went which was full of colours?
          Where it was ?
          Why you went there?
           What you did there?
    Part 3:
    Is wearing bright colors at office or organization good or bad ?
    What if someone wears bright color at office someday?
    Why are usally pictures or photographs printed in acedemics book ?
    Why do some novelists include images in in their novels?
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