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    part 1 :
    1- usual introductions
    2- talking about exercise (whether I’m doing exercises, people are doing enough exercise and …..)
    3- talking about sleep (how much I sleep, do elder people sleep more than the younger one and …. )
    cue card
    describe a development you would like to see in a public place in your hometown
    – where
    – what kind of developments
    part 3 :
    general questions about public places e.g. ‘what kind of public places you’d rather go’ or ‘do elder people and younger prefer the same kind of public places’ and…

    My experience :
    the examiner was very polite and friendly,
    I tried and hopefully talked as fluent as possible which I think I’ve done enough for that, also I used a variety of complex sentences,
    one thing to mention is that while I was trying to speak about my hometown, I neglected some useful information simply because I was thinking with myself that the examiner is also from my hometown so he knows them.

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