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    I had my speaking test today (july 5th 2018) in Indonesia..
    I got question:
    part 1:
    where do you live?
    do you work or study?
    what time is that you think you work best?
    do you make a friends in the office?
    do you like travel to far place?
    do you often travel with plane?
    is there many advertising in television?
    do you will buy a product instantly after you say the ads?
    what your opinion about celebrity who promote some product??
    part 2: about public place recently build nearby you house.
    what is it?
    what was it before?
    how long it take to build it?
    part 3:
    how is public transportation in Indonesia?
    is there any problem with the public transportation?
    why is it important for the government to have good public transportation?
    what kind public place will suitable for people with any ages?
    is cinema or movie theatre popular wi5h youngster?

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