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    I took the exam on 1st October on GT (Computer Delivered).
    1. Where I from?
    2. Study or Work?
    3. Why I choose this course?
    4. Do people care about our environment these days?
    5. How to prevent it?
    6. What do I think about advertisements?
    7. What is the medium to endorse?

    Talk about an advertisement that I like. What? Why? Explain about that ad?

    Ads – how it impacts our lifestyle?
    Does it affect the children?

    Writing: Task 1: 1. Write a letter to the sports club president about to conduct an event. You are a member of that club.
    a. What is the event?
    b. Whom I am inviting?
    c. What is my role in this event?

    Task 2: Working from home, some think as beneficial some people think it may distract the family routine. What is my opinion?

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