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    Hello, I took academic test and my test centre was in India.
    Speaking qns were as follows :
    How often do you travel by bus?
    Do you prefer bus or a subway?
    What all changes must be done by state govt in taking care of public transportation?
    And a few related qns
    Cue card was: A recent change in my life.
    What was it?
    How it influenced you?
    Was it positive or negative?
    Then part 3 had several questions of which I remember only a few
    Would young people accept change or the old?
    Why doesn’t the old accept change?
    Why do people keep changing jobs?
    How can children be encouraged to find their talent/passion ?
    Then listening qns i don’t remember .
    Reading was as follows.
    Passage 1-Baobabs of Madagascar .
    Passage 2-children’s literature
    Passage 3-about photography
    Writing –
    Task 1-table on three types of whale population
    Task 2-People don’t read newspapers or watch tv news but they rely on the internet for news .
    Is that a positive or negative development ?
    Thank you.

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