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    ACADEMIC INDIA(October 21st)
    TASK 1 – A Table regarding the count of doctors in Australia and Pie charts based on the gender and place of birth
    TASK 2 – Should children be taught about the use of recycle material and avoid the wastage in school or at home, discuss both the views and give your opinion
    PART 1:
    Do you stay in an house or apartment?
    why do you like your home?
    what do you like to do on a sunny day?
    about hometown,sunshine,jewellery.
    CUE CARD: About a tv program
    PART 3:
    Difference between the programs being telecasted now and in the past?
    what sort of programs due children and adults prefer watching?
    importance of story telling in the future?
    do you think reading a novel or watching a movie is better?
    is it true that we are left with no more new stories to be told?
    and few more questions related to this
    thank you for your valuable lessons and tips

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