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    Speaking test-1st October, India
    Do u work or study?
    What you have learnt in your current job?
    Would u like to continue with it?
    What is your favorite fruit? Why?
    Did u eat fruits as a child?
    Should children eat fruits? What are it’s benefits?
    Cue card.
    Describe a good news about someone which you recently received.
    How did u receive the news?
    What did you do after receiving the news?
    Do people share good news?
    Should people share good news using social networking sites? Why?
    Why do u think people some people don’t share good news?
    Do u read magazines?
    Did u read magazines as a kid? If yes, which ones
    Do u think children should start reading at young age?
    Do u read ebooks?
    Benefits of ebooks
    Do u think people of all age groups read ebooks?
    Share some international news which you have recently heard.
    Do u think ppl should share development stories of their country with each other?
    Are they doing it currently?
    I had a long speaking test.

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