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    I had my test yesterday. Speaking questions are
    1. Do you work or study?
    2. Did you take any training to perform your work
    3. In future will you take any training to continue your work
    4. News. Do you read news paper or in internet
    5. Do you watch global news or your country specic
    6. Will you accept a position of news reader in future
    Task 2 (i have seen the same question somewhere, may be this forum or somewhere else)
    1. What is the tourist place in your country that most people do not visit
    – Where it is
    – What is special in that place
    – Why do you think people don’t visit
    Task 3
    1. Do you think visitors will impact the environment of tourist place
    2. What should government do to regulate the tourist to not impact the environment
    3. There are some places that government asked no one to visit. Do you agree with this and why?
    4. Virtual tourism is getting popular. do you think in future it will take more priority than real tourisim?
    5. Do you think space tourism will be popular in future and why?
    I think I missed few questions in round 1 but wanted to share this so other students can get an idea of whats being asked.

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