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    So I have finally given my IELTS test on 13th October, 2018 in India. My LRW was on 13th Oct and Speaking was today i.e. 15th October, 2018.
    First of all I would like to thanks you for your help. Your videos were amazing and tips were really helpful. I saw few comments where people have already shared questions on LRW. Therefore, I would like to focus on IELTS speaking and how was my experience:
    Section 1:
    Where do you stay (House or Apartment)?
    Which room do you like the most?
    Why do you like this room?
    Do you have any plans to move to a new home in future?
    Do you use maps?
    Why do you use maps?
    Did you get any formal training to read or use maps?
    Do you think paper maps are better than digital maps?
    Do you ask for directions from strangers when you are travelling in your city?
    Do you like plants?
    Do you have plants at your home?
    Do you know how to take care of plants?
    Section 2:
    Talk about a comic actor that you know. Speak about the following:
    — Who is this comic actor
    — How do you know him/her
    — Why do you like him/her
    I spoke for more than 2 minutes continuously and was asked to stop in between. Also this was followed by a question – Do you know any other Comic Actor. Unfortunately, I gave a wrong answer here. That was the end of Section 2.
    Do you think incorrect answer can have an impact here on the test score?
    Section 3:
    Do you think actors are paid very high?
    Do you think youngsters in your country follow actors?
    Why are they paid really high?
    Do you think both men and women have different attitudes towards movies they like to watch?
    Why do you think women like emotional/family movies?
    That was it. I believe the entire test was really well. I still believe I could have done better but I did not panic and it was smooth. However, there were couple of instances where I re-used same words in an answer.
    Overall, the examiner was good, smiling and created positive atmosphere all around throughout the test.
    What do have to say about this?
    I would be sharing my scores here when I get it.
    Really appreciate your help and guidance throughout.
    Best Regards,

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