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    I had my test on 12th May (General).
    Task 1: You are planning to go on a holiday in another country. Write a letter to your friend asking him/her to join. Include following in your letter.
    – why you need a holiday
    -your holiday plans
    -why you need your friend to join with you
    Task 2: The number of old people are increasing in many countries. Some people think this causes problems, while others think old people play an important role. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Include examples.
    – What’s your job / how was your first day there / why did you select that job / do you like it
    – Do you like plants / how do you look after them / did you grow any plants when you were young / do you like to receive a plant as a gift / why
    – Do you always wear a watch / why / do people in your country work on time / why / do you like to work on time / why
    – Are there any historic places in your country / do both locals and foreigners visit them / why do you think we should visit them / do you think if it’s ok to charge an entrance fee/ how to avoid people destroying them
    – Do you think if the external appearance of a building is important / what about the internal / reasons for each
    Cue card
    Describe a building that you like. Include the following in your answer
    – how did you get to know about this building
    – its appearance
    – what is it used for
    – a telephone conversation between a lady and a real estate agent asking for suitable rental apartments
    – a conversation between two students regarding a presentation on sports injuries
    – a lecture on how supermarket aisles are arranged. Three types of supermarkets. Advantages and disadvantages of each design. What sort of things stored in different areas (ie front, rear, middle shelves)
    – Info on tickets to enter museums (group / individual tickets)
    – A paragraph on Aesoph’s tales, how to interpret them with science
    – A paragraph on carpooling

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