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    I had my speaking test today. She asked lots of questions, I can’t even remember all. I was interrupted close to 10x I think, I gave it my best though. I am hopeful for a really good result.
    Section1: Where are you from? From where you live here in Belgium to this place, how minutes did it take you? Can you talk about an outing in your neighborhood, that you often go to? Do you go on outings? and 2 more questions.
    Cue card: Talk about an activity you do with older people, what is it? do you enjoy it?
    the role of older parents in the life of their children and grandchildren.
    Do teenagers and children, listen to their older parents?
    what is the difference between family values before and now,
    What has changed?
    Is it better or worse, something like that?
    I can’t remember the rest.

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