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    I have completed my speaking test yesterday.
    I would like to share the questions which I answered
    Part 1
    1.Tell me about your hometown
    2.Do you work or study?
    3.How do travel to work?
    4.How much time it takes for you to travel to work?
    5.What skills you require in your job?
    6.Do you think it is necessary to upskill yourself for your job?
    7.How did you travel to the test center now?
    Part 2
    Talk about a good parent you know
    a.Who it is?
    b.How you know him/her?
    c.How does he/she spends time with children?
    d.Explain why you think that person is a good parent
    Part 3 – Questions about Parenting
    1.Do you think the amount of time children spend with their parents is reducing when compared to the past?
    2.Do you think children need to spend more time with their parents?
    3.Do you think children should spend equal amount of time with both of their parents?
    4.Do you think parents making children watching TV is ok?
    5.How does working parents in your country take care of their children?

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