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    speaking test on Wednesday 06/06
    Part 1
    Your full name
    Do you work or study?
    What do you work as?
    Why did you choose that area?
    Do you enjoy your work?
    Were you happy the first day of your job?
    Part 2
    What is an animal you found interesting?
    What animal? Why? How you first came about the animal?
    Part 3
    What do you feel about animals being kept in the zoo for protection?
    Do you think the Govt. Can do something to protect animals?
    How do you think govt. Can protect animals from poachers, hunters and people who kill animals for prey?
    How do you feel about animals being used as beasts of burden or for human needs especially for carrying burden?
    What about domestic animals who are used for meat and other purposes?
    What can be done to protect animals from extinction?
    Do you think there is anything we can do at our level to protect certain species from extinction?
    Do you think the relationship between humans and animals are changing or will change in the future?
    It went pretty well except for part 2 where I felt I was given less time to prepare or talk about the topic. Is it normal for examiners to give you less than or exactly 1 minute to talk about the topic in the cute card??
    The other sections were much better and I felt I handled them well.

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