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    Today was my LRW exam. 30th June 2018.
    Location: India
    Module: General Training

    Section1- Form filling for booking vacation
    Section2- Map of a city for activities for physic like gym, swimming pool, running track etc and 6 places offering services (matching)
    Section3- 4 questions of MCQs regarding an art and 6 questions of completing flow chart of a research done by some on an missing art.
    Section4- note completion for a supermarket regarding what it had done and conclusion for others.
    Overall, first section was a little fast, but section 3 and 4 was very easy. Not confusion was created in last 2 sections as answers were directly spoken.

    The reading was too easy. I was able to complete it in 30 minutes. And then took a toilet break. After that I rechecked my answers in 20 minutes. The last passage was about pepper.

    Task1- you recently read a book and write a letter to your friend to recommend the book.
    -tell about the book
    -how it will be useful for your friend
    -how he/she can get that book. (Not exactly in these words)
    Task2- discuss both sides and give your opinion
    Some people think for road safety lower the maximum speed limit for vehicles on all roads, while others think there are other better ways to improve the road safety. (Almost in similar words)

    I did very well as I relaxed myself before exam. I sung many songs and was smiling and observing everything to do so. During reading I just started from solving the questions which are my strengths. But in the end did all very well. For writing, I took first 7 minutes for planning ideas and also wrote uncommon vocabulary words roughly. Then it me roughly 15-20 minutes for task 1 and 25-30 minutes for task 2. When the whole structure is written roughly on paper then writing on time by maintaining quality is possible.

    My speaking is on 5th July,2018.
    For L and R, at least 8.0 are for sure. For writing, hoping for 8.0. Fingers crossed.

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