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    Hi All, my IELTS was on 17th June 2017.
    This are the following questions which I got during my IELTS:
    Task 1: Describe a graph diagram with the year range from 1980-2000 split in 5 years gap in between. There were 4 countries whose data was shown with there amount of energy generated by wind (in MW). Countries: India, US, Germany, Netherlands.
    Task 2: Many people are of the view that the system of teachers and students in a classroom will soon go to extinct till the year 2050.
    Do you agree or disagree about this thinking? Give your opinion on this.
    Part 1: I had the same topic as @Kireeti had. in the previous comment.
    Part 2:
    1. Which was the last place you went to a trip?
    2. Where is it?
    3. Whom did you went with?
    4. What did you do?
    5. Would you like to go there again in future?
    6. What is it / Why is it a special trip?
    Part 3:
    Let’s talk about Countryside.
    1. Have you ever went to countryside?
    2. What is the reason you liked the countryside and why?
    3. Is it a good place for a children to grow up in countryside?
    4. According to you what age range of people suits the best time to stay over there?
    5. What are the major differences between countryside and in city in your country?
    6. According to you what measures can be taken to grow countryside in your country economically?

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