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    I took my exam on June 1st. Last time I wrote IELTS i got 8 overall, but got only 6.5 in writing. This time i practised a lot.The recent questions section helped me a lot, so I thought I should contribute too. Anyways, these are the questions:
    – do you work/study
    – do you like your work?
    – how much time do you spend working
    – what do you think would make your work easier?
    – Are there a lot of public holidays in your country?
    -which is your favourite holiday?
    – what do you do on a public holiday ?
    – Do you think modern technology will help in crime reduction ?
    – Why do you think people are not accurate when they act as witnesses ?
    Part 2 :
    Talk about an instance where someone you know hid a truth from you, who was it ? what did he/she say ? How did you feel?
    follow up Q: Do you think you would have told the truth in that person s place
    Part 3 : lots of questions about honesty
    Do you think honesty is important?
    Do people expect public figures to be honest?
    Should children be taught to be honest ?
    Do you think honesty is more important than any other virtue?
    part1 : line graphs about male and female prisoners in a European country between 1911 to 2001.
    Part 2 : Some people think that books should be stopped in school and that videos, films and computers should be used instead.To what extent do you agree ?

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