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    I had Speaking test on 18th and other components on 19th. I want to share my IELTS experience with you all. It is bit lengthy, but I hope it will be of some use.

    The tip for speaking that I found most useful is to SPEAK AS IF YOU ARE CHATTING WITH THE EXAMINER !! Trust me people, it really helps. I felt ease while speaking, my thoughts were flowing and I was able to speak without any gaps in between.
    After asking about my personal details about my current living location, few more things about my city, the seasons I like and my preferred climate and few more common questions in section 1, the examiner moved to section 2 in which the cue card was to talk about the thing which made me happy, why, when and people who were with me during this. In section 3 the examiner discussed more about my opinion about happiness, if money can buy happiness, why some rich people are not happy, what sort of happiness more gives to a person and few more related questions. I think overall my speaking interview lasted about 15 mins or little less.

    Section 1 was about convo between a woman and a real estate agent guy who is looking for renting a property in town for few months in the city.
    Section 2 was about two students talking about music therapy and its related data when they tested on animals. This section had some scope for keen observation.
    Section 3 was also related to music such that how kids can be involved with music and two people were brainstorming about types of activities that are related to music for nursery group kids. This section was little bit challenging.
    Section 4 was about a person explaining people about various photographers and their early work in a photography museum. This section had straightforward answers if observed with good ears!!
    All the sections had just ONE WORD AND/OR NUMBERS, Pick the right alphabet answers only.

    Paragraph 1 was about discovery of GRAPHITE and making of PENCIL and its related stuff.
    Paragraph 2 was about Sports, Olympics, the sports aids and few speculations about the regulations to be followed In sports.
    Paragraph 3 was about the various theories about PLANET FORMATION.
    All the READING paragraphs were quite lengthy, I was able to finish this section 15 mins before the time as I had good reading practice and I used the remaining time for my nature call :). But it is advised not to take breaks in between the test as extra time won’t be provided.

    Task 1 was to describe, and compare the pie chart data about the social media usage among men and women in Australia in the year 2011 and 2014. For this essay I wasted few minutes in thinking about the way to compare the data but somehow I managed to finish both the essays on time.
    Task 2 was about why people don’t take environmental issues seriously inspite of many warning given by scientists and why don’t they save energy in their daily life. This task asked to analyse the possible causes for this issue and possible solutions in our own opinion.
    I was able to compensate the time in task 2 which I wasted in task 1.
    But ideally spend 20-22 mins for task 1 and remaining time for task 2. Keep at least 5 mins time for checking your answers to make some alterations before submitting your answers.
    I am hoping for a band score not less than 7.0 in each component. Let’s see I will post my scores once I receive them.

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